5 Tips For Changing Jobs in 2015

on Monday, 02 February 2015. Posted in Blog

5 Tips For Changing Jobs in 2015

5 Tips For Changing Jobs in 2015

As the workforce continues to improve in 2015 and more jobs are created, job seekers will need to focus on ways they can market themselves has highly sought-after talent. Here are five tips for changing jobs in 2015:

1. Make sure you’re prepared.

Before you can fully immerse yourself into the job market, make sure you’re prepared for your job search. Take a look at your current skills and experience, and determine whether you’ve developed enough in your current position to find a new job.

It’s also important to make sure your personal brand is prepared for your job search. Take a look at your LinkedIn profile, online portfolio, and any additional social media accounts, and update as needed. You should also share industry-related content, maintain a professional blog, and network with professionals online as you continue your job search.


2. Create a vision for your career.

When switching jobs in 2015, don’t simply leave your current position because you want a higher salary. Decide whether your current job will help you reach your overall career goals. By creating a vision for your career, you’ll locate jobs that are best suited for your next move.

To create your vision, focus on what you enjoy doing and the type of work you believe is fulfilling. By paying attention to the type of work you find rewarding, you’ll be drawn to opportunities that will be the best direction for your career.

3. Improve your SEO.

Type your name into Google. What do you see? Does your LinkedIn profile show up? Are there any professional blog posts written by you? Do an assessment of your online search results and figure out how you can improve your digital footprint.

When improving your SEO (search engine optimization), identify keywords that pertain to your industry and expertise. As you update your social media profiles, incorporate these keywords into your headlines and profile descriptions. These keywords will help you get noticed as employers search for your name online.

4. Keep networking wherever you go.

Whether you’re at a professional networking event or standing in line at Starbucks, always keep your eye open for networking opportunities. You never know what conversations you’ll spark as you meet new people.

When you’re out and about, be sure to keep business cards handy and your 30-second elevator speech ready. You want to give a positive first impression whenever you meet somebody new, so always be prepared to talk about your background and where you hope to go in your career.

5. Don’t tell your boss just yet.

If you’re serious about finding a new job in 2015, it’s a good idea to keep your job search on the down-low. Searching for a new job while you’re currently employed is risky business, however, it’s essential if you want to create new opportunities for yourself.

As you search for new jobs, avoid talking about your job search on social media and sharing the news with coworkers. Depending on how understanding your boss is, it’s a good idea to keep your job search quiet until you’ve secured several job interviews. Although most bosses are understanding, there are those who could fire you before you find a new job. This is why it’s important to have something lined up before you decided to give your boss two weeks notice.

Finding a new job in 2015 is going to be a goal for many professionals this year. By following these tips, you’ll be able to change jobs and create more opportunities for your career.